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  Craig Barber

Craig was a combat marine stationed in the central region of Vietnam from April 1966 to December 1967. Though not a photographer during his tour of duty, he has returned to Vietnam every year since 1995 in an effort to better understand what happened during the conflict. He works with homemade pinhole cameras constructed of cardboard and tape. His finished negatives are made into platinum prints, a technique that evokes the look of 19th century photographs. The inherent blurriness of the image produces imprecise scenes, which mimic a dreamstate or dimly recalled memories. A resident of Brooklyn, NY, Barber has shown at the Oravska Galeria, Slovakia, the SE Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, FL, as well as in Seattle, New York and San Francisco. He received a B.A. in Photography from State University, New York and has since given workshops nationally.

Ghosts in the Landscape: Vietnam Revisited
"Older, gentler, more mature and many years after my fist experience, I began returning to Vietnam early in 1995; my intentパhotographing, writing and learning about a land my country and my youth sent me to many years ago. Blissful in my ignorance upon my first arrival in Vietnam, saddened and still ignorant upon my departure, I returned home with more questions than answers, and more anger than I care to admit. This time, carrying vivid memoriesピome good, some not so, each equally intense, each needing clarificationオ hoped for a better understandingヘith each day I navigated through the landscape of my emotions. There are major contradictions between many of my memories and my photographs, but one has to remember, that while I was in Vietnam during the 1960ヘs the events of the moment were happening in the lush landscapes seen in these images. We patrolled rice paddies and quaint villages, all seemingly quiet and pristine only to turn the corner and step into hell, turn another corner and return back to quiet and pristine. The dichotomy was constant. As I worked in Vietnam during my return trips, this was the flow my mind followedネush, quiet landscapes accompanied by a torrent of memories that never fade."

Background/Education B.A. Photographyャ..State University, New York
A.A. Photographyャ..Everett Community College, Everett, WA
Instructor: Since 1991 has instructed in Santa Fe, Mexico City, Poprad (Slovakia), Kansas City, Layton (New Jersey), Santa Cruz, San Antonio, New York, Seattle an others.
Guest Lecturer Since 1988 has lectured in Buenos Aires, Charleston, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Daytona Beach, San Antonio, Seattle and elsewhere. Exhibitions He has had many dozens of solo and group exhibitions throughout the world since 1977. Collections His work is included in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, New York Public Library, Houstonヘs Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Feヘs Museum of New Mexico, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Denmark's Museet For Fotokunst, the Polaroid Corporation in Cambridge, Buenos Aires' Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, the Tashkent Cultural Center, Graham Nash Collection in San Francisco, the Dow Jones Corporation, the Seattle City Light Collection and others.

12" x 20" edition of 25 Cuba
10" x 24" Vietnam Triptichs
Print Price
1 ニ 6 $1500.00
7 ニ 10 $1650.00
10 ニ 12 $1900.00
13 ニ 15 $2200.00
16 ニ 18 $2550.00
19 ニ 21 $2950.00
22 ニ 24 $3400.00
25 $4000.00

"Havana Passage" In the late 1990's I ventured to Cuba for the first time and visited a land that has remained a forbidden mystery for most American citizens. Unspoiled by mass consumerism and global trademarks, Cuba remains a unique blend of Spanish colonial and 1950's Americana with not a Starbucks in sight. But now, after decades of economic separation, this island sits at the threshold of radical transformation as the country moves from an economy of Socialism to an economy of capitalism. From the peso to the dollar. Soon, what is distinctive about an isolated Cuba will begin to fade with globalization. For the past 40 years America has been obsessed with the political climate of Cuba while understanding little about the people, their culture, or their land. My project, "Havana Passage", is about observing, understanding and documenting the cultural landscape before globalization begins to impact Havana. As the world becomes more homogenized I feel the need to photograph that which is unique. Craig J Barber 2002
Visit Craig online at www.CraigBarber.com

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