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  Rosanne Olson

Rosanne Olson's signature style is immediately visible in both her richly textured figure work and the moody still life that has been so successful for her. The key to this particular pairing is the consistency of vision that permeates all things through the eye of Rosanne Olson.
She recently exhibited her new series called Pinhole Travels, a collection of pinhole photographs created while travelling in England, France, Mexico, and the United States. Olson, an internationally published photographer, has displayed work in galleries throughout the Northwest and in New York City.
Pinhole photography, based on optical principles known to the Chinese as early as the fifth century, utilizes a camera without a lens. The simplest form of a pinhole camera can be made by poking a tiny pinhole into a box and allowing light to seep through onto the film. Olson created her pinhole photographs by using a modified 4x5 camera with Polaroid film.
These sepia-toned images, which harken back to the earliest days of photography, depict architecture and icons from which people have disappeared, leaving us with a timeless, meditative image. Olson's work is a compelling reminder that art springs from the considered, ingenious and resourceful power of creation, no matter what the technology involved.
The Benham Gallery has available a limited number of prints by Rosanne Olson. We believe art is best sold on a one-to-one basis and will generally provide any reasonable information about the arist, including the artist's resume, background, and the availability of books and prints for sale. The Benham Gallery accepts most major payment types and transactions can be carried out by e-mail, phone, mail, or better yet - by stopping by in person so we can familiarize you with the the work. The pictures on this site are no match compared to seeing the real thing in person.

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