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It is amazing to realize Tseno═s youth in age while analyzing his achievements and the complexity of his talent. The uniqueness of his talent lies in his ability to observe and grasp the essence of reality, which makes his art close to the classical models in photography. At the same time, his diverse point of view and creative interpretations transform him into a conceptual modern artist with a discovering spirit. When viewing his pictures you are involved in a revelation for the human spirit.

Tseno has rear vision for lighting, composition and understanding of tonal change. His ability to communicate his ideas is supported by exceptional knowledge and skills in the entire process black and white photography and tonal sense.

His art works have been exhibited and published in many countries including Bulgaria, Canada, Italy, France, Check Republic and United States. Tseno was well-recognized editor and photojournalist with strong social position in primary press groups in Bulgaria. Tsvetan Tsenov has over then years of experience as a freelance photographer with advertising agencies, record labels, publishers and cinema houses.

The importance of his artistic talent becomes significant for the contemporary Bulgarian culture after the publication of his photo album ˝B&W Photographyţ1994. Most influential Bulgarian art gallery ţAlexanderţ recognized it with grand opening followed by National TV and radio coverage.

Tseno has been awarded in international contest of ˝Photargusţ magazine, Paris with Grand Prize for Portrait photography in 1997.

In the period of 1991 till 2002 he had eight solo exhibitions, four of them in Benham Studio Gallery- Seattle. They had significant cultural impact and contributed to Tseno═s reputation as an established American North West artist. He is a member of Benham residential program. His pictures are displayed in private collections in Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, Dublin, Sofia, Vancouver, Portland, Vidin and Seattle.

His newest works are continued search to defiant alternative process to maximize the technical flexibility in expressing his ideas. He is working on new body of work devoted to glorify spiritual beauty.

The Benham Gallery has available a limited number of prints by Tseno. We believe art is best sold on a one-to-one basis and will generally provide any reasonable information about the arist, including the artist's resume, background, and the availability of books and prints for sale. The Benham Gallery accepts most major payment types and transactions can be carried out by e-mail, phone, mail, or better yet - by stopping by in person so we can familiarize you with the the work. The pictures on this site are no match compared to seeing the real thing in person..

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