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Craig Barber and Regan Scheiber

April 4 - May 12
Artist Reception, April 10, 6-8 pm

Traditional methods honor memories and reflect the past. Craig Barber, a Vietnam vet, used his talent as a photographer to help cope with memories from his tour of duty in '66 and '67. With a homemade pinhole camera he began revisiting Vietnam in 1995 to take photographs that he made into exquisite platinum - palladium contact prints. By using old methods of capture and process, he has recreated a new Vietnam merging the ghosts of his past with the current day’s landscape. His book, "Ghosts of the Past, Vietnam Revisited," forward by Alison Devine Nordstrom, curator, George Eastman House, is available at the gallery.

Regan Schreiber created cyanotype, photo-grams from her first-born's clothing as a way to keep the memory of her infancy present while her daughter grew-up. Each item in her photo-grams leaves the impression of a mother’s love and a sense of familiarity. The time-honored techniques used by Barber and Schreiber add an element of preciousness to their prints and memories and are sought after by serious collectors worldwide.


Craig Barber

Regan Scheiber


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