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Jeff Corwin, Nicolas Pavloff and Tyler Boley

July 5th - August 18th
Artist Reception First Thursday July 5th 6-8pm

The individual approach of each artist in this exhibition featuring landscapes allows the viewer to experience a unique relationship with nature.

The minimal approach used by Jeff Corwin complements Eastern Washington “after harvest” farms, fields and hills he captures. Choosing to make images when the land is at its most vulnerable gives his photographs a sense of intimacy and familiarity.

Nicholas Pavloff on the other hand, fills the frame with surreal and often humorous imagery taken in Northern California. In several of his pieces one almost expects to see a Gary Larson caricature of cows or a dripping Dali clock.

Tyler Boley treats the common vista like the great historic photographers of our time treated the grand landscapes. His formal approach to the every day view gives one a sense of awe and a newly found respect for visual opportunities closer to home.



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