Robert Weingarten

July 16 ~ August 23, 2008

Artist Reception, August 7, 6-8 pm

Benham Gallery welcomes a solo retrospective exhibition by internationally acclaimed fine art photographer Robert Weingarten. 

Weingarten’s diverse body of work carries the common thread of his skillful treatment of formal aesthetics. From his “decisive moment” approach to landscape photography, to his exploration of chromatic adaptation during his 2003 6:30 a.m. series, Weingarten creates images that call the viewers perception into play as much as his own. When referring to his landscape work, Weingarten describes his images as reflecting the timelessness of the landscape, and the fleeting nature of a particular confluence of light and conditions. Weingarten captures the essence of the landscape in a dramatic and single moment, fixing a three-dimensional world onto a two dimensional plane. In his 6:30 a.m. series, Weingarten challenges pre-conceived ideas about what the ocean should look like with his chromatic variations of the Pacific Ocean, all shot at the same time and the same position from his Malibu home. Weingarten’s has continued to pursue his ideas of light and chromatic variations in his Palette series, a study of the affects of light on artists’ palettes.
Born in 1941 in New York City, Weingarten lives in Malibu, CA. His Collections are exhibited internationally, and held at museums and numerous Corporate and Individual Collections worldwide. National Museum Collections include The Frye Art Museum in Seattle, WA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Weingarten is the recipient of several Awards and Achievements, including the 2000 Silver Medal for the Royal Photographic Society’s 143rd International Print Competition in Bath, England.


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