Simplistic Form

Jahnavi Lisa Barnes • Jeri Eisenberg
October 1 ~ November 15, 2008

Artist Reception, October 2, 6-8 pm

Benham Gallery is pleased to announce Simplistic Form, an exhibition by fine art photographers Jahnavi Lisa Barnes, and Jeri Eisenberg. The exceptional works of this exhibit draw us in with a simple view of things, obscured detail, and the visual space between formlessness and form. A limited scope of visual information allows us to experience an individual interpretation of the work, drawing on our own emotional experiences and inner connections to relate to the images before us. 

With over three decades as a traditional black and white fine art photographer, Jahnavi Lisa Barnes specializes in stunning large format photographs of natural phenomena in nature. Jahnavi’s large images of the vast untouchable space of the world above and the intimate closeness of tangible details of solid matter below, bring us a representation of what we can know and touch and that which we cannot. Jahnavi holds an extensive formal education in photography and is both a writer and educator. Jahnavi began teaching in 1998, and creates and teaches a Developing Light Fine Art Photography Workshop, as well as teaching courses at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle. Since the early 1980s, Jahnavi has exhibited extensively nationwide, and is published in the United States and the UK.

New York fine art photographer Jeri Eisenberg brings us images firmly grounded in the natural world. By obscuring detail with an oversized pinhole, or a radically defocused lens, Eisenberg’s images manifest only the strongest brush strokes. The images become literal and figurative sketches with light. To further enhance the abstraction and form of her images, Eisenberg uses a specialized printing technique involving Archival Inkjet on Japanese Kozo Paper infused with an Encaustic Medium. Jeri Eisenberg has exhibited extensively in the United States, and her work is held by several public and corporate collections. Since 1996, Eisenberg has taught fine art workshops and courses in New York.

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Simplistic Form

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