APRIL 16TH – May 24TH
Benham Gallery

Stephen L. Rosen
John Chervinsky

Artist Reception: May 1st 6-8pm

Artists have been recreating the way we experience space by manipulating the
way we view it. The use of line, objects, placement and texture are tools
artists have to allow us to perceive 3 dimensions in a 2 dimensional medium thus allowing us to experience it in a new way. Spatial Relations explores the reexamination of reality by two fine art
photographers Steven L. Rosen and John Chervinsky.

Stephen L. Rosen has studied with and photographed for many of America’s leading architectural photographers and architects. Rosen’s visual interpretations of contemporary architecture combines sensitivity, emotion and aesthetic with discipline and precision. His reductive approach relates the poetry of structure using light, shadow and geometry.

John Chervinsky has been passionately pursuing photography for 20 years. Chervinsky’s background in physics, chemistry, and materials science is evident in his ongoing series of conceptual still-lifes. Inspired by predecessors such as John Pfahl, he set out to explore issues of visual perception and photography in his ongoing series, “An Experiment in Perspective.
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Photos by Jock Sturges


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