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— 2008 —

November 19 - December 24 - Breaking Tradition - David Armentor, Rosanna Salonia, Matthew Yates

October 1st – November 15th - Simplistic Form - Jahnavi Lisa Barnes, Jeri Eisenberg

August 28 - September 1 - “POWER OF ONE, turn yours on!” Special Labor Day weekend exhibition for Bumbershoot at the Seattle Center

August 24 - September 27 - Body & Soul - Nina Berman, Karin Rosenthal, Dominic Rouse

July 16 - August 23 - Robert Weingarten

May 28 - July 12 - Waterlands - Franco Donaggio, Dorothy Monnelly

April 16th MAY 24th - Spatial Relations - Stephen Rosen, John Chervinski

March 5th - April 12th - "Erotic Beauty " - Paul Dahlquist, David Steinberg, Fiona Aboud, Sean Newman

February 6th - March 1st - "Stone" with Bruce Barnbaum

January 2nd - February 2nd - Jock Sturges

— 2007 —

November 14th - December 24th - David Fokos and Steven Meyers

October 3rd - November 10th - Peggy Washburn, Ann Pallesen, and Shoshannah White

August 22th - September 29th - Nikolas Muray & Tod Gangler

July 5th - August 18th - Jeff Corwin, Nicholas Pavloff and Tyler Boley

May 16th - June 30th - Dirck Halstead and Tammy Cromer-Campbell

April 4th - May 12th - Craig Barber & Regan Scheiber

February 14th - March 31th - "The Visionary State: A Journey Through California's Spiritual Landscape"

January 10th - February 10th - Give us Your Best Shot

— 2006 —

November 15th - December 23rd "Phil Borges; Women Empowered"

October 4th - November 11th "Basham and Cantil Present: Estuarine Project"

August 23rd - September 30th "Curves Ahead exhibit"


May 31st - July 15th "Off the Wall: The Dimensions of Evan Blackwell"

March 29th - May 27th "Introducing R. Mac Holbert"

— 2005 —

December 2nd - 24th "Benham Celebrates"

September 28th - November 26th "The Photography of Frances Paley & Karin Rosenthal"

August 3rd - September 23rd "Beyond the Landscape"

June 1st - July 30th "Good girls... What do they really think? "

April 6th - May 28th "Barber & Ricco "

March 2nd - April 2nd "Critical Mass"

January 19th - February 26th "Meet the Hoffmans"

— 2004 —

November 30th - January 15th 21st Publishers of Fine Art Photography Books & New Works by Tom Harris

October 18th - November 28th "New Works" with David Fokos, Rosanne Olson, and Peggy Washburn

September 7 - October 16th Aperture's 50th Anniversary Exhibition, September 3rd- 13th. Openings and events to be announced

July 27th - September 4th "Where do we go from here?" featuring Federico Busonero, William Henry, and Stephen Johnson

June 22nd - July 24th "Trains, Planes & Automobiles" featuring Guy Griffiths, Gordon Osmundson and Jill Waterman

May 11th - June 19th "The True Nature of Light" featuring Jock Sturges and introducing Tod Gangler

March 30th - May 8th "Close to Home" featuring work by Ken Smith, Steven Meyers and Fred Housel

February 17th - March 27th "Eye to Eye" featuring work by Graham Nash

January 6th - February 14th "Coming of Age" featuring work by Michelle Sank, Gabriella Csoszó and Robert Lewis Smith

— 2003 —

November 17 - December 24 " Interpretations of Light" featuring work by Bruce Barnbaum and Michael Gesinger

September 30th - November 15th "Dreamscapes" Featuring work by John Casado, Frank Dituri, Karin Rosethal and Tseno

September 2nd - September 27th Youth in Focus "The Next Ten Years"

July 19th - August 30 "Identity" Luis Gonzalez Palma, Javier Lopez Rotella and Ariel Ruiz i Altaba

June 3rd - July 19th: The Portrait Featuring Phil Borges and Davis Freeman

April 15 - May 30th: Rhythm and Color in the Landscape- Featuring Work By: Steven Fey, Robert Glenn Ketchum, and Robert Weingarten

March 4th - April 12th: Can We Talk Now? Exhibition -Featuring work by:
Simon Norfolk, Didier Ben Loulou, and Gabriel Valansi

January 14-February 28 2003: Cuban Photography Exhibition featuring Rey Alvarado, Craig Barber, Anna Mia Davidson, Elaine Ling, Lois Pierris, Lisette Solorzano

— 2002 —

October 22nd - November 24th Ralph Gibson and David D. Johnson

September 3rd - October 12th
Imagined Realities: Featured work by Dominic Rouse, Maggie Taylor, Jerry Uelsmann

July- August 2002, Robert Weingarten, Sharon Seligman, and Blue Earth Alliance project photographer exhibition

June-July 2002, Seth Dickerman, Steven Meyers, and Peggy Washburn
May - June 2002
, Greg Gorman, Paul Dahlquist and Marianne McCoy.
March - April 2002, Leica Presents Peter Turnley, and Benham Gallery Presents: Betty Udesen and Denis Kempe.
February - March 2002, Blue Earth Alliance Benefit Exhibition Featuring: Robert Glen Ketchum, Phil Borges, Subhankar Banerjee.
January 2002, Carol Golemboski, Erin Spencer, and sculpture from the Roadside Gallery

— 2001 —

December 2001, Resident Artist Show Featuring Phil Borges and Alan Pogue
September 2001, Madame Yevonde and Milton H. Greene
August 2001, Ray Carofano, Hal Gage, Ken Smith
June-July 2001, Deceit of the Intellect
May-June 2001, Michael Gesinger, Phyllis Uitti-Maslin and Terry Vine.
April 2001, Steven Fey, Malcolm Edwards
Jan 2001, Contemporary Czech Photography, featuring Pavel Banka
Feb/Mar 2001, Visual Fragrance; Floral Interpretations

— 2000 —

Nov/Dec 2000, Rosanne Olson, David Fokos and Simen Johan
Oct/Nov 2000, Craig Barber, Jerry Pavia, and Tom Harris
September 2000, 6th annual national juried a.k.a Youth in Focus
August 2000, Paul Dahlquist & Donne in Fotografia
June - July 2000, Phil Borges and Tsvetan Tsenov
May - June 2000, Graham Nash and Elliott Landy
April - May 2000, Frank Dituri, Emilio Baracco and Geno Rodriguez
March 2000, 2nd Annual Blue Earth Alliance Exhibit
Jan 2000 - Feb 2000, Dan Budnik
Dec 1999 - Jan 2000, Patricia Ridenour, Erin Spencer and Christine Burgoyne

— 1999 —

Oct/Nov 1999, Jock Sturges, Mark Sink and Peggy Washburn
Sept 1999, Bruce Barnbaum and Pavel Banka
Aug 1999, a.k.a. photography exhibition
June 1999, Fotografia de la Esperanza (Photography of Hope)
May 1999, Exposures: a study of the human form
April 1999, Malcolm Edwards, Ken Smith, and Maggie Taylor
Feb/Mar 1999, Michael Gesinger and Denis R. Kempe
Jan 1999, Irene Fay and Davis Freeman

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