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September 3rd - October 12th
Imagined Realities

Featuring work by
Dominic Rouse, Maggie Taylor, Jerry Uelsmann

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Surrealist photography bases its foundation to startle, delight, and disturb, on the viewer's willingness to accept the photograph as a "proof" of a truly observed reality. By combining this evidence of a "non-fiction" with the artist's imagination, the surrealist photographer offers forth visions of their own mind's eye in a medium that is all too easy to accept as real. And where computer trickery and darkroom magic often plays a major role in the execution of the artist's vision, it is in the conception of the work that we are shown the terrain that the artist wishes to reveal to us, and the tools employed are just another method to take us there.

Dominic Rouse

Dominic Rouse was born in England in 1959 and has lived in the rural eastern counties of Suffolk and Norfolk for most of his life. Inspired by the writings of Franz Kafka and Philip Larkin and the art of M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali, and Rene Magritte, Rouse's talents, sensibilities, and perhaps even locality results in toned black and white compositions that feature headless figures, ecclesiastical interiors, and rolling misty landscapes. Rouse's work is exhibited regularly in the United States, the UK, Zurich, and Buenos Aires, and he has been the recipient of numerous awards for his commerical photography, winning the International Digital Exhibition Award (IDEA) in 1999 & 2000. In March 2002 he was awarded the Ultimate Eye Foundation grant in California and in October 2003 he'll begin a residency at Light Work in Syracuse, New York.

Maggie Taylor

Maggie Taylor's digital images collages illustrates a brightly colored fantasy world of whimsical and interesting creatures. Ejecting the camera altogether, Taylor acquires her images exclusively through a flatbed scanner, placing 3-D objects directly on the glass, manipulating in Photoshop, and outputting her work as Iris prints. Since her last show at the Benham Gallery in 1999, Taylor's work has shown all over the world and has earned accolades for its technical prowess, but it is the bold image content that draws collectors and art enthusiasts to her brightly colored palette. Since 1987, Taylor has had over 60 solo shows throughout the United States, and she received the State of Florida Individual Artist's Fellowship in 1996 and 2001.

Jerry Uelsmann

Jerry Uelsmann's work shows us the images within the images as he extrapolates the possible and fantastical through things common and everyday. From a country road with a pair of lips grafted neatly amidst the gravel to rich mosaics of skyscrapers set against skies dried and cracked like old peeling paint, Uelsmann's imagery utilizes only the lens of a standard camera, with final output via the traditional method of the darkroom to achieve these wondrous composite images that are uniquely his own. With a career spanning thirty years and over 100 solo shows, Uelsmann's photographs are in the permanent collections of numerous museums world-wide, including the Metropolitian Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Chicago Art Institute, The Internation Museum of Photography at the George Eastman House, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


Benham Gallery Artist Reception: Saturday September 14th 4-6pm

Saturday September 14th 7pm
Panel discussion: The Art World and Digital Photography with internationally acclaimed photographers Dominic Rouse, Maggie Taylor & Jerry Uelsmann Saturday,

Tickets: $15, Photographic Center Northwest students and members $10 Call PCNW for tickets and location






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October 22nd - November 24th

David Johnson and Ralph Gibson
Opening Reception: Thursday October 24th 2002 6-8pm











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