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Malcolm Edwards, Ken Smith, and Maggie Taylor
March 29th - May 1st, 1999

Malcolm Edwards, a Benham resident artist, who, in 1990, turned his long-time avocation of photography into a profession. In a very brief time his fine art photographs have been well received and are in many private and public collections. Malcolm will exhibit a new body of work titled Rosalinda. The exhibit is the life story of Rosalinda in her words and through Malcolm Edward's photographs. These intimate images chronicle Rosalinda's life from her youth growing up in a convent through her career as a stripper and dancer into her present as a mature and developing adult.

Ken Smith, another resident Benham artist, will exhibit a body of new work entitled "Calm Things." Mr. Smith's photographs are in the permanent collection of the Galveston Art Museum as well as in other collections the world over. Well known for his still-life work, Ken centers on subject matter from nature. "Over time I have become aware that imbued within these subjects are the recurring themes of impermanence and change. For me, the subjects I find to use and the arrangements I create from them show simple truths and ultimate beauty." Ken Smith uses medium and large format cameras. Like his themes, his techniques tend to be simple and minimal. He works only in black and white, often split-toning or handcoloring prints.

Maggie Taylor, from Gainesville, Fl., has exhibited and received much attention extensively throughout the U.S.. Her photographs have appeared in The New York Times, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, Photo Asia amongst countless others. A much anticipated show for Benham Gallery, Maggie will exhibiting here for the first time showing a body of work titled, "Mixed Messages." This collection will contain both traditionally printed color images and computer generated images. Traditional color prints were made with help of the artist's collection of odd objects, fabrics and text, using her backyard and natural light as her studio. Computer generated images begin again with the artist's collection of items and individually scanned into her computer one at a time using a flat-bed scanner instead of a camera. Then compiled and worked on with Photoshop, an output of an Iris print is the final result.

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