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Paul Dahlquist & Donne in Fotografia
July 31 - September 2, 2000

Paul Dahlquist trained to be a painter at the University of Oregon and the University of Washington in the 1940's, and was friends with artists, Guy Anderson, Morris Graves and Mark Toby. For many years he used a camera as a sort of technological sketchbook out in the field. In the 1970's he discovered that those "sketches" were getting better and better. Soon the camera replaced the canvas and paint and brush. He now works exclusively in black and white photography.

"Everyone is an absolute miracle of being, giving form to moments of great beauty is what photography does best. A brief 'snap shot' from hours of shooting puts a tiny fraction of time on film and only then does it have the potential of becoming art." (Dahlquist, 1991)

The Donne in Fotografia is an Italian cooperative of women who, since 1995, have united their talents, experiences, different styles, and resources in order to demonstrate a vigorous and authentic feminine solidarity of thought and feeling in the predominantly male world of fine art photography. Though their art varies significantly, it has in common a vision of the world as a concrete reality that serves mainly as a point of departure into visceral aesthetics which unite emotions and intellect. The Donne in Fotografia consists of Raffaella Badano, Patrizia Di Siro, Giovanna Grasso de Franchi, Stella Lombardo, Nadia Perico, Cristina Piccardo, Giliola Rocco, and Loredana Scarian.

Please join us for our artist's reception on the 3rd of August from 6pm - 8pm

Our next exhibition will feature work by finalists of the AKA photography contest and also Youth in Focus. This show will run from September 4 until September 30.

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