Luis Gonzalez Palma

Javier Lopez Rotella

Individuality Series
Ariel Ruiz i Altaba
Luis Gonzalez Palma, Javier Lopez Rotella and Ariel Ruiz i Altaba explore cultural and individual identity using symbolism and mixed media to create their powerful imagery. Guatemalan photographer Luis Gonzalez Palma works are in international museum and corporate collections. Javier Lopez Rotella returns from Argentina for his 2nd exhibition at Benham Gallery. This is east coast artist Ariel Ruis i Altaba first west coast exhibition.

Luis Gonzalez Palma

Guatemalan photographer Luis Gonzalez Palma declares that he tries "to portray the soul of a people." His portraits and images not only succeed in acknowledging his cultural heritage, they also communicate universal psychological overtones and contemporary sociological, political issues.

Symmetrically organized, frontally posed, his portraits become still life that paradoxically reveal more, not less. The arrangement of his compositions have a quietude that convey an internal power, articulating strong emotions and evoking serious narratives. It is classically formal and echoes Victorian portrai-ture. The people fill the foreground, demanding attention. They are individuals and at the same time symbols. The objects become metaphors for life, death, resurrection, and other levels of abstraction. The quiet portraits penetrate the viewer with either a steady, confronting stare or a sideways glance. accusative and accepting.

Javier Lopez Rotella


"Enclosed Beings"

The "Enclosed beings" live on the limits of uncertainty, defined by the social order and the assumptions that are the foundation of this order in a sinister reality. Here, in this space, is where darkness finds refuge, what the light of reason does not permit, the place of death, not the destroying force, but that of the concept of change and of the renovation of life itself. Here, the image gives us a limited report on pure beings who suffer anguish and pain of the worst of modernity: "the emptyness"

Who are we?

Extraordinary events that flower only once, acquire a transitory existence that never repeats.

This project attempts almost obsessively to create a moment of self-knowledge, of reconozing oneself as part of a humanity that has the need and obligation to rescue its life from the darkness, stop just surviving and begin life, leaving behind the fear that paralyzes us and moving in search of our genetic dignity. This work establishes the concrete materialization of a spiritual language, of its survival instinct, thas has no other tool thas stripping all and giving all so that humanity react towards self-revolution.

Javier Lopez Rotella Producer in contemporary art and photographer, director of the photography school and contemporary art of Mendoza, it has exposed their works in individual, collective, biennial exhibitions and festivals in Argentinean, Europa and United States, he has obtained prizes and national scholarships, and their work has been published so much in the country as abroad, its works are in museums, galleries and national and international private collections.


Ariel Ruiz i Altaba

Imag(in)ing - I
Homo Sapiens

Ariel Ruiz i Altaba was born in Mexico City in 1962, grew up in Barcelona, Catalonia and presently resides in New York where he is devoted to both science and art. He received his doctorate in molecular biology and biochemistry from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and is currently a professor in the Developmental Genetics Program of the Skirball Institute for Biomolecular Medicine at the New York University School of Medicine . His lab studies the development of the brain. His photographic work has focused on the intersection of biology and art as well as on issues of identity. His first monograph, Embryonic Landscapes (Actar, 2001)represents the work of the last fifteen years. His photographs and texts have appeared in The Threepenny Review, Luna C—rnea, CiŽncias, El Temps and Artbyte. His work is the Bibliotheque National de France in Paris, The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and in private collections. He is currently curating an issue of the Spanish photography magazine Photovision on "Genes, Identity and Image". And is the founding director of WetLab, a new forum based in New York City for the interchange of ideas between science and the visual arts.




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