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December 9th - January 12th, 2001
Phil Borges and Alan Pogue,

Benham Presents Resident Artist Holiday Exhibit
featuring Phil Borges and Alan Pogue in a special tribute to worldwide peace. December 9th - January 12th

Christmas is a time to honor people, family, and friends. We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the diverse talents of Benham Gallery's family of resident artists. However, we must not forget mankind in other parts of the world; our current world situation has made victims of innocent citizens that will celebrate nothing this holiday season but the memories of their own family and friends, killed in a war they did not ask for.

Along with the photographs from our resident artists, we are proud to feature work from peace activist and photographer, Alan Pogue. Alan has been documenting the lives of the people of Iraq and Palestine since 1997. His body of work, Troubled Sleep in Bethlehem, depicts the beauty and warmth, humanity and dignity of the ordinary people effected on a day to day basis by the violence of war. Many people document severe conditions, but not many bring out the warmth and humanity, the love and hope that are the qualities we all share that make it possible to believe in peace in the middle east or anywhere else.

Also featured, is the work of resident artist, Phil Borges who, for over 25 years, has been visiting and documenting indigenous and tribal cultures around the world. Through his projects, he strives to promote and preserve cultural diversity. His images tap deeply into the human spirit of his subjects, whose warm and honest faces peer out from colorless and spectacular landscapes. His projects range from documenting the people of Tibet and Indonesia to tribes in Africa and Irian Jaya. A recent trip introduced him to Afganistan and Pakistan refugees, a culture of people who are, especially now, fighting daily for survival in the midst of the hardships of war.
Our resident artist to include: Pavel Banka (Czech Republic), Craig Barber (New York), Bruce Barnbaum (Washington), Paul Dahlquist (Oregon), Frank Dituri (New York), David Fokos (California), Hal Gage (Alaska), Michael Gesinger (Washington), Steve Gilbert (Washington), Denis Kempe (Washington), Graham Nash (California), Rosanne Olson (Washington), Mark Sink (Colorado), Ken Smith (Washington), Erin Spencer (Washington), Jock Sturges (Washington), Maggie Taylor (Florida), and Peggy Washburn (Washington).

Our next show will feature work from Carol Golembeski, Patricia Ridenour, and Erin Spencer January 14th - February 23rd

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