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February 25th - March 23rd 2002

Blue Earth Alliance Benefit Exhibit

Featuring work by Robert Glenn Ketchum, Phil Borges, and Subhankar Banerjee.

Blue Earth Alliance opening reception Wednesday March 6th 6-8pm
Speakers: Phil Borges, Natalie Fobes, Malcom Edwards, and Sara Terry

Reception, Thursday March 7th 6-8pm
(Robert Glenn Ketchum will be attendng both receptions.)

Blue Earth Alliance is dedicated to helping photographers pursue documentary projects about endangered environments, threatened cultures and social issues. Since its creation in 1996, Blue Earth has given one grant and sponsored more than 20 projects. The topics range from global warming to the loss of open space in Los Angeles, from rites of coming of age for young girls, to the disappearing traditions of New England fishermen. Visit the BEA website for further information or to become a member. www.blueearth.org.

Phil Borges
For over 25 year Phil Borges has been visiting and documenting indigenous and tribal cultures around the world. Through his various projects, he strives to promote and preserve cultural diversity. Photographs by Phil Borges have been collected and exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. His award winning books have been published in four languages and in 1998 he was presented the Photo Media Magazine "Photo Person of the Year" award. Phil teaches and lectures internationally.

Robert Glenn Ketchum
Landscape photographer, Robert Glenn Ketchum has unrelentingly devoted his art to addressing issues of natural resource management and habitat protection. Author of numerous publications, such as Overlooked In America: The Success and Failure of American Land Management, Robert has combined these publications with stunning print work, target-specific exhibitions, lectures and direct lobbying to help establish wilderness lands, enhance national parks and further campaigns to preserve imperiled ecosystems. His work is represented in many of the major museum collections in the U.S.

Subhankar Banerjee
A free-lance photographer specializing in wildlife, environmental and cultural photography. His photographic career originated from his childhood passion for painting and his deep love and concern for the wilderness and disappearing indigenous cultures. Over the past several years, he has traveled extensively to photograph the natural splendors of the North American continent.

Our next show:
March 25 - April 27th
Lecture by Peter Turnley and Betty Udesen: April 3rd at The Holiday Inn on Aurora 7-9pm Artist Reception, April 4th
Leica Presents: Peter Turnley, also featuring work by Betty Udesen and Denis Kempe

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