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Patricia Ridenour, Erin Spencer and Christine Burgoyne
From November 29th to January 15th, Benham Gallery is privileged to feature works by Patricia Ridenour, Erin Spencer and Christine Burgoyne.

Local and resident artist, Patricia Ridenour, will show black and white, hand-colored new work in a show titled, Odalisque's. Webster's dictionary's definition of Odalisque is a female slave or concubine in a harem. Patricia interprets the Odalisque theme that repeats itself throughout art history, exploring contemporary views and cultural standards on sexuality and beauty. Titian's Venus of Urbino, Manet's Olympia, and Ingres' La Grand Odalisque, are examples of the material Patricia studies and borrows from. Ridenour is an award winning, internationally published photographer. Recent projects have included the 1998/99 Seattle Opera poster series, a book on altar's by Random House, and work in the National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washingtion D.C.

Local artist and director of Benham Gallery, Erin Spencer, will show a new body of black and white self-portraiture titled, Alone. Emotionally charged and very personal, her work continues to discover and expose new facets of her personality and emotions. This continuation of her photographic dialogue with herself, exhibited first in 1998 , explores the darker side of the human experience as she relates to it. This will be Erin's second show at Benham Gallery.

Local artist, Christine Burgoyne, will have her first show at Benham Gallery. A discussion of her exhibition follows:

A visual aspect in my work is the layering of substance between the viewer and the subject. Pattern pieces covering people, water, film, smoke, light, double exposure, transparent/translucent to look through seeing the altered human being on the other side or inside. Bold lines, words, symbols, paint, give direction to the surgeon, the tattooist, the physician, the critic.

An Exhibition in three parts

MASKS AND ALTERATIONS, a continuing project

Fascinating to me are the concepts of Mask and Alteration. Masks -- we all wear them as barrier for protection and vehicle of transformation and healing. Masks are often transparent to the viewer but very real to the wearer. Alterations, we choose to do to our bodies or possibly, they are done to us not by choice. Surgery, elective or for survival or for both as disease enters our lives. We alter our body state temporarily in pregnancy with rebirth and permanently as we age and eventually die. We alter our bodies to fit in or to stand out. We women seem to think we need to alter ourselves to be another size or shape, to be more acceptable to others or to ourselves.


Intriguing are the Body and Bones that create the inner structure, that holds up the mask of our body. Iām exploring species about to become extinct, man devouring resources, bodies framing and cradling bones.

ARTISTS IN THEIR WORK, a work in mid stream

Are we our art or is our art us? Do we show who we are each time we draw or paint or sculpt? Maybe. What I am showing is the artist as an integral part of her work, inside the artwork, this then becomes the art.

Opening reception for the artists First Thursday, 2 December 1999, 6pm - 8pm
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