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January 14th - February 23rd

Erin Spencer, Carol Golemboski, with sculpture from the Roadside Gallery

Carol Golemboski
Carol Golemboski is a New York photographic artist exhibiting work beside resident artist, Erin Spencer. Envied by local collectors at the Youth In Focus auction last March, her work is a culmination of images, which conjure visions of both childhood and foreboding darkness. Reminiscent of a nightmare, her work is simultaneously compelling, disturbing and beautiful.

Erin Spencer
Erin Spencer is a local artist and director of Benham Gallery. Erin has been developing her series of self-portraits for over a five-year span. She will be showing a new body of work entitled Allude, alongside a selection of images from her two previous shows, Avoidance and Alone.

Roadside Gallery
The growth of metal arts in this area is a unique development within the larger artistic community. Roadside Gallery and friends are pleased to present fine metal art sculptures from Skagit Valley artists, Pamela Hom, Mary Kuebelbeck, Ken Williams, Jereš Mondau and Paul Thorne.



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