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Phil Borges and Tsvetan Tsenov
From June 26th to July 29th, 2000 Benham Gallery will exhibit work by Phil Borges and Tsvetan Tsenov.

Phil Borges is an award-winning, internationally known, Seattle based photographer, well known for his very artistic documentation of indeginous peoples and cultures . Phil Borges' new body of work is titled Animists, the Spirit of Place and explores the relationship of a people to their environment. More specifically, it's about a few of the remaining animistic cultures that embrace a spiritual communication with the natural world. The exhibit focuses on these people and especially their shaman who mediate this spiritual communion.

Our middle gallery will feature black and white photography by resident artist, Tsvetan Tsenov. Tsvetan grew up in Vidin, a port town on the Danube in Northern Bulgaria and studied photography through a specialized correspondence school in Belgium. In 1997, Tsvetan and his wife, Eva, immigrated to the U.S. and now reside in Seattle, WA. Tsvetan will be exhibiting a new body of work exploring the human form and its relationship to frames, both inside and around us; the show is titled, Few Pictures; finding new plastic interpretations for universal symbols.

Benham Studio Gallery opened at 1216 First Avenue in 1987. Three doors south of the Seattle Art Museum, Benham has always shown a deep respect for and commitment to local and global artistic communities. By exhibiting emerging, mid-career, and established photographic artists, Benham has been instrumental in bringing vital photographic talent to the Pacific Northwest.

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