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Deceit of the Intellect
June 16 - July 27, 2001

Benham Gallery is pleased to present an international collection of unconventional portraits created by a talented group of inspiring contemporary photographic artists.

Attending international photo festivals for the past 5 years, and reviewing portfolios from artists worldwide, often we see themes emerge from different artists photographing similar subject matter that compels us to curate group exhibitions. Exploring unique approaches to the time honored art of portraiture, "Deceit of the Intellect" will feature 14 of the artists we discovered.

This exhibition will look beyond the face. By using collage techniques, capturing portraits on television screens , enlarging 1930's prison identity photos, these artists give the viewer an inner identity to the person within the photograph and perhaps to themselves.

Photographers will include Bill Armstrong (New York City, NY), Maree Azzopardi (Sydney, Australia), Davis Freeman (Seattle, WA), Clint Imboden (Alameda, CA), Stuart Levy (Portland, OR), Philippe Pache (Lausanne, Sweden), Luis Gonzalez Palma (Guatamala), Audrey Ray (San Francisco, CA), Javier Lopez-Rotella (Mendoza, Argentina), Vincent Serbin (Woodstock, NY), Rachel Simpson (Seattle, WA),Pablo Soria (Tucuman, Argentina), Warren Padula (Sag Harbor, NY), and Jan Watten (Alameda, CA).

First Thursday opening - 5 July, 6pm - 8pm

Benham Gallery's next exhibit will feature photography by Ken Smith, Ray Corafano, and Hal Gage July 30 - September 15, 2001

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