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2nd Annual Blue Earth Alliance Exhibit
From February 28th until April 1st, Benham Studio-Gallery is privileged to feature work by the following photographers:

Stuart Westmorland, a local photographer, recognized as one of the leading marine photographers in the United States. Stuart will be exhibiting his color iris prints in a two-part show. His underwater images are abstract views of marine life from around the world; the series is titled Perpetual Motion and will turn to book-form in the near future. Also on display, a series titled Visions of Europe, dreamy interpretations of unforgettable scenes and travel experiences from Paris and Venice. Included, are the 1st and 2nd place images from the recent Earth Day Invitational Exhibition. Photo essays and magazine assignments have included the following publications: American Photo Magazine, Asia Diver, Caribbean Travel and Life, Islands Magazine, Medio Magazine and Natures Best Magazine.

Blue Earth Alliance (BEA), a non-profit umbrella formed in 1996, dedicated to helping photographers documenting endangered environments, threatened cultures or social issues. This show will feature photographers and their projects sponsored by Blue Earth Alliance. Global warming, endangered animals, vanishing outport life in Newfoundland and the endangered habitat of the Willapap Bay are among the subjects represented. Highlighted in the group exhibit is Tammy Cromer-Campbell, Blue Earth Alliance's very first grant winner . Tammy will show a series titled, Environmental Effects/Fruits of the Orchard which explores the human effects of toxic emissions and contamination from a toxic-waste facility near a small Texas community. Other photographers exhibiting include Gary Braasch, Judy Blakenship, Jan Bogle, Loren Callahan, Bridget Besaw Gorman, Judith Haden, Art Wolfe Ray for Art, Thomas Lindfors, Kevin Schafer, Roger Tefft, Scott Warren, and Angel Wynn.

© Jan Bogle - image title- Janaki;
BEA project title-Women Entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka

© Judy Blankenship - image title-Canar,
Ecuador, 1998;
BEA project title-Canari Women at Baptism

© Kevin Schafer - San Rafael Falls,
N. Ecuador: BEA
project title-Vanishing Forests of the Andes

© Tammy Cromer-Campbell
image title-Jamesia and Cousins; BEA
project title-Environmental Effects/Fruits of the Orchard

Stuart Westmorland

Stuart Westmorland

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