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Exposures: a study of the human form
From May 3rd until June 12th, Benham Gallery is privileged to feature a group show entitled, Exposures: a study of the human form

The nude has occupied the sensibilities and imaginations of artists for many centuries, inspiring some of the greatest works of painting, sculpture and, more recently, photography. Photographers began their embrace of the nude even as the photographic process was being invented. Initially, when photography imitated the Victorian ideal, it was a tool for the more established art of painting; though through the past 150 years photography has evolved into its own unique artform. While the Victorian ideal has remained an intergral part of many photographers' beginnings, it has also dissolved into myth, allowing contemporary interpretations which ignore, alter and revolt against the classical drama.

Every year, Benham Gallery looks at hundreds of portfolios at our annual review and various other reviews from around the United States, including FotoFest in Houston. Over the last three years we have reviewed many talented artists studying the human form in unique, inspiring and provocative ways, of which we have assembled this representative collection.

Sharon Amestoy, from Portland, and Kelly Vancil, from Seattle, show a very classical style of the nude using both the male and female form. Richard Warren, from New York, makes connections with the human figure and the organic figure. Douglas Long and Deborah Cupido, an art team for the last 10 years from Canada, show uniquely staged photographic theatre. Ann Simons-Meyers, from Tucson, explores the human body, shrouded and camouflaged, in nature. Marianne McCoy, from Seattle, will share with the viewer the tenderness and complete beauty of the male form. Marcene Bolen, from Seattle, portrays the nude with classical aesthetics , yet still retaining a very contemporary feeling.

Please join us for the artists' reception on 6 May 1999 from 6-8 pm. Most artists will be in attendance !!!




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