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April 29 - June 15th 2002

Featuring work by Greg Gorman, Paul Dahlquist, and Marianne McCoy

Reception, Thursday May 2nd 6-8pm

Greg Gorman
Throughout his thirty-year career, Greg Gorman has developed and showcased a discriminating style of photography. By incorporating hard lighting and minimal sets in his signature black and white photographs, Gorman has forged a niche in contemporary photography, perhaps best exemplified through his portraits of nudes. "Classical in form, Gorman's nudes are informed with a neo-classical aesthetic. They are sensuous and their sensuality is not devoid of abstraction. The whiteness of their skin is like marble, sculpted by the black of the stark shadow." Peter Weiermair. Gregšs work is in the collections of Elton John and Sidney Morozoff.

Paul Dahlquist
Paul Dahlquist has been photographing since the 1940's. His beginning work was an extension of his sketch books for drawings and paintings. By 1980, he had accepted the camera as his major form of expression. Although there is a certain tone that serves to unify the work and concern for the relationships of shape and form, there is not necessarily a predominate subject matter within his work. A number of his images are potently erotic, while in others, the human form becomes a means to an abstraction. He has work in the collection of the Portland Art Museum and Henry Ransom Humanities Research Institute University of Texas at Austin.

Marianne McCoy
Marianne McCoy studied photography at Cornish College of the Arts and the Photographic Center NW in Seattle. Her use of antique cameras allows her to bring life to her ethereal images. Her work has been on exhibition in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Paris. Many of her images have been published in national and international publications. She is currently working on a book to be published in 2003.

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