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Jock Sturges, Mark Sink and Peggy Washburn
From October 18th to November 27th, Benham Gallery is privileged to feature works by Jock Sturges, Mark Sink and Peggy Washburn.

Internationally known photographic artist Jock Sturges has been recognized for his luscious black and white photographs of people. His controversial photographs on naturist beaches in the south of France, in the communes of northern California, and the summer resort of Black Island, has captured national attention. Using an 8x10 camera, he reveals the relationship of the people in his life with their inner self. The images are a collaboration of trust and admiration between artist and subject. Sturges received a B.A. in Perceptual Psychology and Photography from Marlboro College in Vermont and an M.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute. He has exhibited widely in the United States as well as in France and Japan. His photographs are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, among others. This will be Jock's second exhibit at Benham Gallery.

Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art /Denver, photographer and teacher, Mark Sink entertains notions of the fantastic in his work. He photographs for the heart rather than the head, creating timeless and romantic images. His use of non-traditional techniques contributes to the surreal and erotic expression portrayed through his images. Sink has been making a living from fine art since 1970. He has had many solo and group shows in the United States, South America and Europe. He is currently represented by Benham Gallery, G. Ray Hawkins in California, and Robin Rice in New York.

Resident artist, Peggy Washburn uses the familiarity of her life as a mother to create a realm of nostalgia in childhood memories. Her dream-like images express a renewed respect for childhood and family. Her images of children, while hardly as confrontational as Sally Mann's, are similar in mood and tonality. An instructor at the Photographic Center Northwest, her images have been featured in Art Forum and the Seattle Weekly.

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