Production of premium hookah coal and censer coal. All technologies and developments are present, so it is necessary to manufacture part of the equipment.

Current state

Many countries have created and operated unique equipment for the production of charcoal by coconut briquette manufacturers. They have fully developed all the equipment for the production of hookah charcoal (press, mills, mixers, drying chambers), invented a unique composition of binder-eliminating any odor from the finished briquettes of charcoal. At the moment, charcoal is produced all over the world. There is a package of contracts of intent for more than 100 tons per month.

Problem or Opportunity

Today, the most popular hookah charcoal is coconut charcoal produced in Indonesia by coconut charcoal suppliers; everywhere, it is written that coconut charcoal is the best for hookah. It is so. It has no smoke or odor, ignites in 1.5 minutes, and burns in 60-90 minutes.

Solution (Product or Service)

Coconut charcoal, the raw material for hookah charcoal, is produced using equipment that allows you to get the highest quality charcoal, with the amount of non-volatile carbon up to 93%. In coconut coal of Indonesian origin, carbon is not more than 80%, which means that our charcoal is cleaner and has almost no harmful and poisonous impurities that hookah smokers inhale into themselves.

Another important advantage of coconut hookah coal is that it has a higher calorific value, burns longer, and the carbon lattice is more dense than coal. Hence, the burning time is almost one and a half hours compared to 30-40 minutes of burning coconut coal. Indonesians have developed a unique technology for manufacturing binders, and thanks to this substance, their coal does not have any odor, even when burning.

Coconut charcoal briquettes
Coconut charcoal briquettes


Direct competitors of Indonesia in this segment are European manufacturers of hookah charcoal, trademarks “CocoBriko” and “Panda.” Almost the entire market is occupied by these manufacturers. One can set the price for the products below the competitors without global losses; due to the pricing policy and superior quality, coconut charcoal can occupy a market segment of 15-20%.

Advantages or differentiators

The main advantage of coconut coal is that the charcoal is not made from coconut waste but from oak, which has a different, less porous, denser structure, which makes the combustion longer by two times than that of coconut. The unique recipe of the binder ensures uniform combustion and no harmful substances for the human body.

Purpose of investment

Funds are required to manufacture additional equipment and purchase a month’s supply of raw materials. One can consider the production of charcoal for hookah as a business idea in the production field with minimal investment. According to experts, the market for tobacco products and related products is estimated at a serious amount of 20 billion dollars. It is not surprising that the lion’s share of surrogate and low-grade tobacco and charcoal for hookahs. There are, of course, quality goods, but they are very expensive, as they are imported from abroad. This is the right time to open your production of hookah charcoal.