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Benham Artists
  David Fokos
Early Morning Charles River East Chop Poles Canal
Salt Marsh White Line Hidden Steps
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David Fokos, a New England based artist, has recognized that the austere presentation of a single object allows the viewer to more fully appreciate its beauty. Mr. Foko's landscape images along the east coast go well beyond merely being pretty pictures. Besides conveying a strong sense of composition, geometry, and visual stability, they possess an intellectual depth that pares each image down to its barest components, so that the perception of the viewer is intensified, concentrated wholly on the essence of the material that remains.

The Benham Gallery has available a limited number of prints by David Fokos. We believe art is best sold on a one-to-one basis and will generally provide any reasonable information about the arist, including the artist's resume, background, and the availability of books and prints for sale. The Benham Gallery accepts most major payment types and transactions can be carried out by e-mail, phone, mail, or better yet - by stopping by in person so we can familiarize you with the the work. The pictures on this site are no match compared to seeing the real thing in person.


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