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  Denis Kempe

Denis Kempe brings to his photography a discriminating eye. His current project involves the role of architecture within the lives of the people it affects. Coming from a culture (native American, Hopi) that is displaced not only physically, but psychologically within its own borders, he brings insight to what might otherwise be unseen.

Denis recently exhibited a retrospective of his work. Mr. Kempe's photographs are in the permanent collection of the Portland Art Museum and in other collections. He has shown work in many different venues throughout the US, and in 1994, his art was chosen by acclaimed photographer Joel-Peter Witkin to appear in that year's Northwest Annual at Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA). Mr. Kempe is also a co-director of Collusion Unlimited Gallery, one of Seattle's premier sponsors of contemporary art exhibitions. In addition, he has co-produced, along with Catherine Peila and former Benham co-owner Lisa Sharamitaro, the project "No Apologies Necessary... Spirits Unbroken," a compendium of Eastern European perspectives drawing from a diverse range of artistic and social disciplines. Mr. Kempe is well-known for his black and white photographs of urban architectural details and deserted city streets. Culled from his extensive national and international travels, his art is a testimony to the duration of visible forms that are sponsored by darkness. For his show at Benham, he and his Leica camera travelled to the American Southwest in order to better document the subtle psychological intricacies of the region through its architecture. This work is a welcome respite from the R. C. Gorman pastiches and garish postcard photographs that pander to tourists.

The Benham Gallery has available a limited number of prints by Denis Kempe. We believe art is best sold on a one-to-one basis and will generally provide any reasonable information about the arist, including the artist's resume, background, and the availability of books and prints for sale. The Benham Gallery accepts most major payment types and transactions can be carried out by e-mail, phone, mail, or better yet - by stopping by in person so we can familiarize you with the the work. The pictures on this site are no match compared to seeing the real thing in person.

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