If the beat
of a butterfly’s wings
can change the weather
in the opposite
what small
act of bravery
can you commit
to influence your world?


 Bumbershoot 2008:
August 29th – September 1st 

Power of One
Turn Yours On!

A multi-media exhibition to
inspire the inner hero…

The evolution of our world is marked by the individuals whose ideas and convictions challenge societal norms. As we become a global community and the needs of the individual are lost in the incorporation of the masses, we must empower ourselves to stand up to our convictions and defend our truths or we will lose the unique fabric we call humanity.

Artists Phil Borges, Jackie Renn, Nina Berman and Katharina Mouratidi give testimony to the power of an individual’s commitment to their truth through photographs, movies and words about protesters, indigenous peoples and soldiers.  Inspired by a short film titled “Powers of Ten” this exhibition focuses on the “one” that gives the zero it’s power – the common individual who’s actions influence their world.

Upon coming face to face with the subjects that these artists captured on film you will see your neighbor, sister and uncle: people you recognize not because you know them but because they represent the people you encounter daily. These subjects of the lens and the heart are not privileged, famous or glamorous. They are the individuals who had the strength to use their unique power to stand up for what they believe in. They are all heroes.

As you read their stories and study their portraits ask yourself: what’s my power? Then turn yours on!

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Curated by Marita Holdaway of Benham Gallery in Seattle, WA, 2008


Vacancy - Dominic Rouse


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A photographic art panel created by JF Housel illustrating the Eames film short
“Powers of 10” will be on view in the Olympic room

Powers of Ten™ shown courtesy of and © 1977 Eames Office, LLC • eamesoffice.com

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