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Ray Carofano, Hal Gage, Ken Smith
July 30 - September 15, 2001

We are excited to present first time exhibitor to the gallery, Ray Carofano. In his body of work, titled Mystical Transformations, images are inspired by the poetic value and mystical quality found in the delicate balance of life's subtle transformations. Whether the subject matter is of the human body, man-made structures, or nature, Ray's visions are unique, often expressing a tranquil beauty in scenes of desolation, decay and death.

Hal Gage, exhibiting at the gallery for a second time, presents a new body of work titled, Gesture of Intimacy. Hal's "Diana" toy camera series is an homage to love and the unspoken consent to desire. Over time, in photographing his wife/model, Hal has come to see the familiar gestures, openness, and the love and desire that they feel for one another. Also, petty differences and hurt feelings that come with any relationship. The images exhibited are a visual love poem and don't have any deeper meaning than just the feelings and emotions that they might provoke in the viewer.

Benham Gallery resident artist, Ken Smith, will exhibit new still life work in a show titled, Found Meditation. Found objects are removed from their natural world and brought into Ken's studio, where they change into new forms. In a sense, they are undressed of their surroundings and in their nakedness, they show their truth.

"For days or weeks they wait close by ... they become my meditations. On paper, in their shadows, we trade contemplations".

Ken is influenced by Japanese aesthetics and traditional philosophy both in his fine art and in his personal life, which is clearly evident in his meticulously thought out photographs.

Reception for the artists August 3rd, First Thursday - 6pm - 8pm

Our next exhibit will feature photographs from the archives of Madame Yevonde and Milton H. Greene September 17 - October 27
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